Governors of Jamaica

It took seven years after the conquest of Jamaica from the Spanish, before a Civil Government was formed and a Governor appointed. During this period, from 1655 to 1661, the affairs of Jamaica was the responsibility of Military Commissioners.

Jamaica's Governors Under British Rule

The Governing of Jamaica was left to Military Commissioners from 1655 to 1660. A part of the army was left for the security of the islandand those whochose to settle there. Martial law became the standard until the Restoration of King Charles II, who formerly appointed Edward Doyley, the last military commiissioner, to the role of Governor.

1660–62** General Edward DoyleyGovernor
1662 Thomas, Lord Windsor*Governor
1662–64 Sir Charles Lyttelton* Dep. Governor
1664 Colonel Edward Morgan Governor
1664 Colonel Thomas Lynch President
1664–71 Sir Thomas Modyford, Bt Governor
1671–74 Sir Thomas Lynch Lt. Governor
1674 Sir Henry Morgan* Lt. Governor
1675–78 John, Lord Vaughan* Governor
1678 Sir Henry Morgan Lt. Governor
1678–80 Charles, Earl of Carlisle* Governor
1680–82 Sir Henry Morgan Lt. Governor
1682–84 Sir Thomas Lynch Governor
1684–87 Colonel Hender Molesworth Lt. Governor
1687–88 Christopher, Duke of Albemarle* Governor
1688–90 Sir Francis Watson President
1690–92 William, Earl of Inchiquin* Governor
1691–92 John White President
1692–93 John Bourden President
1693–1700 Sir William Beeston Lt. Governor
1700–02 Sir William Beeston Governor
1702 Maj-Gen William Selwyn Governor
1702 Peter Beckford* Lt. Governor
1702–04 Colonel Thomas Handasyd Lt. Governor
1704–11 Sir Thomas Handasyd Governor
1711–16 Lord Archibald Hamilton Governor
1716–18 Peter Heywood Governor
1718–22 Sir Nicholas Lawes Governor
1722–26 Henry, Duke of Portland Governor
1726–28 John Ayscough President
1728–34 Maj-Gen Robert Hunter Governor
1734–35 John Ayscough President
1735 John Gregory President
1735–36 Henry Cunningham Governor
1736–38 John Gregory President
1738–52 Edward Trelawny Governor
1752–56 Admiral Charles Knowles* Governor
1756–59 Henry Moore Lt. Governor
1759 General George Haldane Governor
1760–62 Henry Moore Lt. Governor
1762–66 William Henry Lyttelton Governor
1766–67 Roger Hope Elletson Lt. Governor
1767–72 Sir William Trelawny Governor
1772–74 Lt. Col John Dalling Lt. Governor
1774–77 Sir Basil Keith Governor
1777–81 Colonel John Dalling Lt. Governor
1781–83 Maj-Gen Archibald Campbell* Lt. Governor
1783–84 Maj-Gen Archibald Campbell* Governor
1784–90 Brig-Gen Alured Clarke* Lt. Governor
1790–91 Thomas, Earl of Effingham* Governor
1791–95 Maj-Gen Adam Williamson Lt. Governor
1795–01 Alexander, Earl of Balcarres*Lt. Governor
1801–06 Lt. Gen George Nugent*Lt. Governor
1806–08 Sir Eyre Coote* Lt. Governor
1808–11 William, Duke of Manchester* Governor
1811–13 Lt. Gen Edward Morrison Lt. Governor
1813–21 William, Duke of Manchester Governor
1821–22 Maj-Gen Henry Conran* Lt. Governor
1822–27 William, Duke of Manchester Governor
1827–29 Maj-Gen Sir John Keane* Lt. Governor
1829–32 Somerset, Earl of Belmore* Governor
1832 George Cuthbert President
1832–34 Constantine, Earl of Mulgrave* Governor
1834 George Cuthbert President
1834 Maj-Gen Sir Amos Norcot Lt. Governor
1834–36 Peter, Marquis of Sligo* Governor
1836–39 Sir Lionel Smith Governor
1839–42 Sir Charles Metcalfe* Governor
1842–46 James, Earl of Elgin* Governor
1846–47 Maj-Gen Sackville Berkeley Lt. Governor
1847–53 Sir Charles Edward Grey Governor
1853–56 Sir Henry Barkly* Governor
1856–57 Maj-Gen E Wells Bell Lt. Governor
1857–62 Captain Charles Darling* Governor
1862–64 Edward John Eyre* Lt. Governor
1864–66 Edward John Eyre*Governor
1866 Sir Henry Storks* Governor
1866–74 Sir John Peter Grant* Governor
1874 W A Young Administ
1874–77 Sir William Grey* Governor
1877 Edward Rushworth Lt. Governor
1877 Maj-Gen Mann Administ
1877–80 Sir Anthony Musgrave* Governor
1879–80 Edward Newton Lt. Governor
1880–83 Sir Anthony Musgrave Governor
1883 Col Somerset M Wiseman Clarke Administ
1883 Maj-Gen Gamble Administ
1883–89 Sir Henry Norman* Governor
1889 Col William Clive Justice Administ
1889–98 Sir Henry Arthur Blake Governor
1898 Maj-Gen Hallowes Administ
1898–04 Sir Augustus W L Hemming* Governor
1904 Sydney Olivier Administ
1904 Hugh Clarence Bourne Governor
1904–07 Sir James Alexander Swettenham Governor
1907 Hugh Clarence Bourne Administ
1907–13 Sir Sydney Olivier Governor
1913 Philip Clarke Cork Administ
1913–18 Sir William Henry Manning Governor
1918-24 Sir Leslie ProbynGovernor
1924-25 Sir Samuel Herbert WilsonGovernor
1925-26 Sir Arthur S. JelfGovernor
1926-32 Sir Reginald Edward StubbsGovernor
1932-34 Sir Alexander Ransford SlaterGovernor
1934-38 Sir Edward Brandis DenhamGovernor
1938-43 Sir Arthur Frederick RichardsGovernor
1943-51 Sir John HugginsGovernor
1951-57 Sir Hugh Mackintosh FootGovernor
1957-62 Sir Kenneth BlackburneGovernor

Source of the list 1661-1913: Historic Jamaica, by Frank Cundall (see **)
· Frank Cundall ((1858-1937) was a prolific writer. He authored approximately 22 titles on Jamaica and its history. He arrived in Jamaica on February 6, 1891 to take up his appointment of Secretary and Librarian of the Institute of Jamaica.
· (**) Note: Cundall's list has Edward Doyle's appointment as 1661. This was modified to 1660 based on Edward Long's (1734-1813) account in his three volume History of Jamaica published in 1774.
· (*) Portraits exists in the Institute of Jamaica, History Gallery.


Jamaica's Governors Under Spanish Rule

1510–1514 Juan de Esquivel
1514–1523 Francisco de Garay
1523–1526 Pedro de Mazuelo
1526–1527 Juan de Mendegurren
1527–1531 Santino de Raza
1597Francisco de Nabeda Alvarado
1655-1658 Cristóbal Arnaldo Isasi - Led final attempt to recapture in 1658

Incomplete list... work in progress