Jamaica's Festival Songs

From Current to its Inception

Jamaica gained its independence from British rule in 1962, and the following year in 1963, the Minister of Development and Welfare, Mr Edward Seaga, created an event called "Jamaica Festival", to commemorate the island's newly gained status of an independent county. The idea for creating an annual song competition evolved from this, and in 1966, the Festival Song competition was launched. The idea for the competition was to "mobilize the spirit of the people", and as Mr Seaga described it, he thought there was no better way than music, to mobilize that spirit.

The inaugural year of the competition was 1966, the same year that Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia visited the island.

Years 2000 to 2030

YearSong NameSinger
2022 Nuh Wey Nice Like Yard Sacaj YouTube Music
2021 Jamaican Spirit Stacious YouTube Music
2020 I am a Jamaican Buju Banton Amazon Music
2019 Loaded Eagle Raldene Dyer YouTube Music
2018 Jamaica A Wi Home Oneil "Nazzle Man" Scott YouTube Music
2017 NoneNo Competition Held
2016 No Weh Like Jamaica Oneil "Nazzle Man" Scott YouTube Music
2015 Celebration Lee-Roy Johnson
2014 I Love JA Rushane Sanderson
2013 None No Competion Held
2012 Real Born Jamaican Abbygaye Dallas YouTube Music
2011 Oh if We Everton David Pessoa YouTube Music
2010 My Jamaica Kharuso YouTube Music
2009 Take Back Jamaica Winston Hussey YouTube Music
2008 Rise and Shine Roy Rayon YouTube Music
2007 Woman A Di Beauty Neville 'Gunty' Winters
2006 Remember the Days Omar Reid
2005 Poverty Khalil N Pure
2004 Ole Time Jamaica Stefan Penincilin
2003 Jamaican Tour Guide Stefan Penincilin
2002 Progress Devon Black
2001 Lift Up Jamaica Roy Richards
2000 Fi Wi Island A Boom Stanley Beckford YouTube

Years 1966 to 1999

YearSong NameSinger
1999 Born Inna JA Cheryl Clarke
1998 Jamaica Whoa Neville Martin YouTube Music
1997 Peace and Love Eric Donaldson YouTube Music
1996 Meck We Go Spree Zac Henry & Donald White YouTube Music
1995 Join de Line Eric Donaldson YouTube
1994 Dem a Pollute Stanley & The Astronauts YouTube Music
1993 Big It Up Eric Donaldson
1992 Mek wi Put Things Right Heather Grant YouTube Music
1991 Come Rock Roy Rayon YouTube Music
1990 Island Festival Robbie Forbes YouTube Music
1989 Stop and Go Michael Forbes YouTube
1988 Jamaica Land We Love Singer Jay
1987 Give Thanks and Praise Roy Rayon YouTube Music
1986 Dem a fe Squirm Stanley & The Turbines
1985 Love Fever Roy Rayon YouTube
1984 Proud to be Jamaican Eric Donaldson YouTube Music
1983 Jamaica I'll Never Leave You Ras Karbi YouTube Music
1982 Mek Wi Jam The Astronauts YouTube Music
1981 Nuh Wey Nuh Betta Dan Yard Tinga Stewart YouTube Music
1980 New Jamaica (Come Sing With Me) Stanley & The Turbines Amazon Music
1979 Born Jamaican The Astronauts YouTube Music
1978 Land of my Birth Eric Donaldson Amazon Music
1977 Sweet Jamaica Eric Donaldson YouTube Music
1976 Dance This Ya Festival Freddie McKay YouTube Music
1975 Hooray Festival Roman Stewart YouTube Music
1974 Play de Music Tinga Stewart Amazon Music
1973 Jump In The Line Morvin Brooks YouTube Music
1972 Pomp and Pride Toots & the Maytals Amazon Music
1971 Cherry Oh Baby Eric Donaldson Amazon Music
1970 Boom Shacka Lacka Hopeton Lewis Amazon Music
1969 Sweet and Dandy The Maytals Amazon Music
1968 Music Like Dirt (Intensified '68) Desmond Dekker & The Aces Amazon Music
1967 Ba Ba Boom The Jamaicans Amazon Music
1966 Bam Bam The Maytals Amazon Music